Single Free
Test Automation Ecosystem
Qaprosoft is an open-source community of passionate SDET's from USA, UK, Israel, Switzerland, Hungary, Belarus and Ukraine. We've accumulated 10 years of engineering challenges solved by us in enterprises and startups and implemented the best solutions in a single free test automation ecosystem available for everyone.
Design auto-tests in a smart way
Java-based framework that unites all testing layers: mobile applications, web applications, rest services, databases. Carina reuses test automation code between IOS/Android up to 70-80%.

Based on Selenium, Appium, and TestNG, it extends the basics in many ways making your life easier.

Track results and team performance
Zafira Reporting Tool
Test management system built specifically for the automation teams. Besides primary reporting charts, Zafira provides the team with video-recording of the tests, screenshots, and logs for a parallel running of the test suites on different platforms and programming languages.

See what your team has been working on daily and get the execution reports over Slack, TestRail, Jira, and emails.

Have everything set up in
10 minutes
For the ease of usage we've implemented a dockerized QA infrastructure solution containing everything required for the automatic setup.

Just run the script and your workplace is ready.
Product Features
We offer your team a full set of tools that will help you to create better project solutions
Cover any platform
iOS, Android, WEB, Mobile WEB, Progressive WEB apps
Use clear interface
We have developed an intuitive and minimalistic interface that you can get used to in a minimal amount of time.
Integrate into CI/CD process
Doesn't matter whether you're big or small - our toolset is suitable for both small startups and as well as corporations.
Connect everything easily
Need Browserstack? Saucelabs? MCloud? AWS device farm?
You need it - you got it.
Reports for different needs
Whether you run day-to-day testing activities or need to see your engineers' performance - the reports are always transparent.
Zero downtime deploy
Keep your focus on the current tasks and let our Dockerized solution do the rest.
Our prices
No fees, no subscriptions, unlimited functionality.
Completely open-source, powered by growing Qaprosoft community.
Zafira Reporting Tool
Training & Support
Meet our contributors
You can find more contributors on Github
Need a feature?
Ask for it in the Github project or join the community to
write and implement it!