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Betfair analytic system based on machine learning


Client requests to build a Betfair Analytic system based on machine learning. It has the following milestones:
  1. Creating a Betfair API scraper for collecting data using a set of predefined filters
  2. Creating a database of bets with historical data
  3. Building a set of classification and prediction models over collected data
  4. Creating dashboards for data visualization and betting insights


1. Database with historical data is created

  1. Database is being filled out with live races data
  2. It’s accessible for the client
  3. Dashboard allows to keep track of recorded races and to browse upcoming ones

2. Races exploring dashboard is created

  1. Race bet prices and volumes are calculated and presented
  2. List of races can be filtered out with multiple parameters
  3. Dynamic charts allow to compare and overview races

3. Live bet predictions dashboard is created

  1. Bet price movement is predicted
  2. Forecast info is presented
  3. Current race info is visualized