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Dina Sapegina

Director of QA, Smule

Qaprosoft succeeded to build QA team truly committed to Smule mission. Working with them doesn’t feel working with an offshore development company; it feels as if we have gained an internal team of the company. The flexibility, agility and scalability are maximum and it is amazingly how open and trusted they are. They are very proactive and solve difficult technical challenges on the daily basis. Special thanks to Qaprosoft Mobile Cloud, which allows us to run the tests in 50 threads eliminating regression time. ROI of solutions Qaprosoft offers has been high for all years of our co-operation. Many thanks to you Guys! You are awesome!

Company preview

Smule is entered into the ranking “America's Most Promising Companies”. The company specializes in developing social music-making applications for iOS, Android and AppleTV OS. Smule was looking for a reliable partner to help the company achieve the top quality standards.

Qaprosoft was chosen for deep QA focus.

Scope of work

We test Sing!Karaoke, Magic Piano, AutoRap, Guitar, T-Pain, Cinebeat and Ocarina apps with keen detail and accuracy, including regression, localization, API and data analytics testing, test design and automation.
Product is developed in short iterations under classical Scrum (yes, it exists!). QA team located in Europe needs to be part of Development team and available during PST US time.
The team of 15 QA engineers works Smule hours, fully integrated with development process. We achieved 24 / 5 QA by means of combination of manual and automated CI efforts.
All product development is done based on experimental design. That needs user actions data to be accounted very accurately.
We’ve set up end-to-end data testing for internal Smule analytics toolset. We verify client-side, backend-side, database-side, data processing, analytics logic: all events and targeting parameters are verified and work as expected. This allows Smule to track user reaction to all functional changes happening during release.
Huge time and budget costs to test hangar of mobile devices individually
We provided Mobile Testing Cloud, which lets the company run the cases 24/7 on 30 mobile devices in the multithreaded grid. This solution includes both software and hardware layers, providing full required infrastructure for automated tests execution.
All apps have featured content available via internal Smule content store. Internal payments require secure interactions and bug-free purchase flows.
Different apps take different content, store inside single store DB. We created advanced testing logic for all corner cases starting from UI and business logic ending with regular performance and security audits.
Regression tests amount is continuously growing with each release iteration
We used our cross-platform test automation framework solution Carina, which unites all testing layers: mobile client (IOS/Android), WEB client, backend, third-party APIs, Database. Carina is also integrated with TestRail platform so test cases results are updated as the tests are completed.
Users in the market have variety of network conditions, devices and languages.
We implemented Alpha testing program, which happens once per release on the week after DevComplete. It's purpose is to expose latest build to bigger audience, cover more devices under testing in-the-wild conditions. Main points of Alpha test:
  • External to Smule
  • Takes 3 to 7 daily iterations depending on how big the release is.
  • Consists of 25-35 professional alpha testers from different countries
  • Fully managed by Qaprosoft. Daily process: Smule provides latest client build to Qaprosoft at 10pm PST, Qaprosoft provides Smule with full bug reports the following morning.
  • Daily reports consist of unique issues found during the day of testing and general UX issues
Smule can request particular app areas for testing focus

Client Benefit

For 6 years our engineers assured quality throughout complete release cycle: from initial test planning till QA department sign off. We’re looking forward to long-term co-operation and proud to be the part of the Smule success story.